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Modern Waste to Energy Solutions

converting waste into commodities

About Us

Established to provide modern solutions for the worlds ever growing energy & waste problems

SAVRES is a UK company, established to provide modern solutions for our energy problems and to turn waste into a commodity by converting your countries Waste into Energy (W2E).

Building power plants, with options to produce electricity, diesel and/or jet fuel. There are many harmful issues, especially health, associated with municipal waste, the UN also estimates that about 75% of the plastic that is poisoning the worlds oceans is delivered to the sea from the rivers.

Taking waste to landfill does not solve the waste problem nor does it solve the environmental issues—it just moves it
elsewhere and over time contaminates the water table.

Incineration of waste produces harmful air pollution and poisonous residues.

This is why SAVRES exists. Modern W2E converts waste into useful products, biofuel or electricity are the usual end
products—it can also be hydrogen, new plastic, LNG. Jet fuel etc, even the by-products being sourced by cement
makers and road builders.

Each W2E facility will provide in excess of 40 local jobs and opportunities to train new skills from within your country.
Providing electricity without jobs and an income to pay the electric bill serves nobody

Possible Waste Outcomes

What SAVRES Can Produce from Waste

Jet Fuel

Using our proprietary technology, SAVRES are able to convert municipal and industrial waste into Jet Fuel, which can be sold as a commodity or used for governments military purposes.


Another outcome for Waste using our processes is Diesel, with the rising prices in Oil & Gas right now, this is the perfect time to be converting Waste into Wealth.

Street Lamp

The most common resource generated via Waste to Energy, Electricity. Using this method eliminates a lot of pollution and environmental harm that comes with Electricity Production.

Our Key Efforts

We are pioneers in Waste to Energy commodification. Not only do we eliminate issues associated with Waste & Recycling, but we turn Waste into Wealth.

Identify and Assess Potential Waste Streams

The first step is to identify potential waste streams such as Residential, Commerical, Construction, Industrial and Agriculture. 

Collaborate with Local Government & Our Engineers

We will liaise between our team of highly qualified Engineers and the Local Governments and Councils to determine the most environmentally and economically sustainable solution for each waste stream.

Seamless application and project management

SAVRES will then undertake the project management and application of the new technology and in the process providing circa. 400 new employment opportunities to the surrounding communities.

A Rounded solution to both your waste and energy issues

We work with Governments and Municipalities across the Globe