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Turning Waste into Wealth

Waste doesn't need to be Wasteful

Our technology works to turn waste streams into wealth by commodifying Waste into things such as Biofuel, Jetfuel, Electricity and new plastic based products.

Reducing Landfill, giving jobs back to the communities, increasing environmental health all while generating commodities is what sets SAVRES apart from other Waste to Energy providers.

Our Products

Some of the Commodities we can produce


Give us 250,000 tons of plastic and we will give you 1.2 million barrels of various biofuels


Jet Fuel

100,000 tons of waste will produce 25,000 barrels of jet fuel that can be refined to your specific requirements

Repurposed Plastics

Additional revenue can be sourced from repurposing plastic into new products.


Another by-product of our process is Ash, which in turn can be sold to the cement & construction industry. 


100,000 tons of waste will produce 32,000 barrels of diesel


60,000 tons of processed waste will provide 28 Mw/h of electricity 

Clean Water

As a by product of the plasma plume we produce 10,000 cm per day of clean drinking water

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