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About Us

Since 2013, SAVRES Has Succeeded In Understanding The Needs Of Governments across the World in an effort to reduce waste and increase returns.

SAVRES is a UK company, established to provide modern solutions for our energy problems and to turn waste into a commodity by converting your countries Waste into Energy (W2E).

Building power plants, with options to produce electricity, diesel and/or jet fuel. There are many harmful issues, especially health, associated with municipal waste, the UN also estimates that about 75% of the plastic that is poisoning the worlds oceans is delivered to the sea from the rivers.

Taking waste to landfill does not solve the waste problem nor does it solve the environmental issues—it just moves it
elsewhere and over time contaminates the water table.

Incineration of waste produces harmful air pollution and poisonous residues.

This is why SAVRES exists. Modern W2E converts waste into useful products, biofuel or electricity are the usual end
products—it can also be hydrogen, new plastic, LNG. Jet fuel etc, even the by-products being sourced by cement
makers and road builders.

Each W2E facility will provide in excess of 40 local jobs and opportunities to train new skills from within your country.
Providing electricity without jobs and an income to pay the electric bill serves nobody

The Numbers Behind SAVRES

Years of Experience
Global Projects
Years in Operation

Cost Efficiency and Environmental Care are our most important criteria, we ensure the entire waste stream is analysed from start to finish.

Innovative Solutions & Technology

SAVRES approach is technology agnostic ensuring full flexibility when selecting bespoke fit-for-purpose energy generation systems of a community or region.

This agnostic approach in the production of energy benefits our business by creating economies of scale for multiple revenue generating waste streams, thus optimising our financial gains.

Most, if not all of the existing Waste to Energy companies have a good market in developed countries – driven by Legislation and hence have little or no appetite for Africa.

Over eight years of rigorous effort SAVRES now offers the following:

  • We are agnostic to which technology is used. It must be optimal for the waste and of equal importance, energy produced – we are not tied to any particular process or manufacturer
  • Competent Waste to Energy companies exist but focus on using singular technologies.
  • An enviable international team, with decades of expertise in Waste to Energy and of delivering projects globally, especially the less developed world
  • All of the team of specialists share the same vision
  • Insurance wraps on process/plant performance
  • Business models that produce fuel or electricity at a fraction of current costs
  • We have a positive appetite for Africa
  • A return on UK foreign Aid when investing in a country’s infrastructure

Technologies implemented by SAVRES are required to have performed at least 8,000 hours, have full data emissions, conversion rates and an equilibrium of their operating hours. This is an essential criterion as part of insuring each and every SAVRES project.

The bankability of the systems we would deploy ensures that significant amounts of due diligence have been carried out in the industry on other projects, which helps mitigate any technology risk to our clients and projects.

Optimised Project Management

SAVRES projects are to be developed on the basis of robust and audited sustainable business models with revenues that are secured throughout the project life-cycle. Providing renewable electricity is an essential part of financial securitisation for the projects we develop. In addition, our projects are insurance wrapped which in turn de-risks each project by 98%.

By converting local waste to energy in a profitable, environmentally friendly and sustainable manner at a lower cost than fossil fuels, we are able to provide people not just with a route to dispose of waste but to empower them with green energy. In developing countries SAVRES looks to increase employment and support small and medium sized enterprises to enable consumers to have an income to pay for their energy bill. All of our projects ‘wash their own face’ by providing revenue streams from the sale of the electricity, heat, bio-fuels and by-products on a commercial contract basis.

It is imperative to create revenues from the waste and any by-products as this ensures the sustainable and economic success of every project.


Our solutions:

  • Enable countries and communities to become more self-reliant by;
  • reducing both landfill and carbon emissions as set out in the KYOTO protocol
  • developing localised production of energy
  • Benefit investors with guaranteed revenue from long term government contracts.

A Company you can trust to ensure seamless project management and execution.

Project Led - Revenue Focused

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